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For a year Andrew Lansley has refused to release a report into the risks of his NHS plans, written by his own Department of Health. Now the Information Commissioner has ordered him to publish it. But he could still keep it hidden for another month – until after key votes on his plans have taken place.

We can’t afford to wait that long. The House of Lords is debating the NHS plans right now – if the report on risks to the NHS is released immediately, it could persuade key members of the House of Lords to stand up to the government.

Let’s raise an uproar in Parliament and force Lansley’s hand.

It took me two minutes to e-mail my MP to ask them to call for this report to be released straight away. Can you email your MP right now?

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Here’s a specimen text:

Subject The NHS risk register
Message The Information Commissioner has ordered Andrew Lansley to release the “risk register” on his plans to change the NHS. I’m concerned however that Secretary of State Lansley may try to delay publication until after key debates on his plans have already taken place.

Please could you write to Andrew Lansley as my MP and ask him to accept the ruling of the Information Commissioner and release the report immediately?

In my humble opinion, it is vital that all information, advice and analysis etc should be in the public domain. No secrecy.

Mr Lansley’s plans will affect us all, therefore we should all know what is going on; the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Certainly no omissions. Let us all be fully informed and apprised of the benefits (if any) and costs of all government proposals.